MakutaFest is an annual event where hosts of The TTV podcast and The BS01 Podcast partner to bring you a live show full of excitement, fun, and free stuff.


1. No swearing
2. No spamming
3. No flaming
[BZPower/BIONICLEsector01 Policies Apply]


Using the stream:
Just click play!



Using the chat:
All you need is a Ustream account, so click here or go to to sign up.








Calling in:
There will be a segment in the show that allows the audience to call-in to MakutaFest and interact with the hosts! We will be taking questions from the audience on the air and answering them. If you are familiar with BS01’s Q&A Sessions or TTV’s Mailbag semgent, you know the drill here. Except this time, it’s live and on MakutaFest. Feel free to start thinking of some great questions for us now if you’d like.

If you have something you would like to ask us during the Q&A Segment, you can receive a call from the hosts in two ways:

1) Use your Skype account. Skype is a popular VOIP program that you can download for free here. Please set up your account and make sure that you have a working microphone and minimal background noise by calling the Skype Call-testing Service (automatically shown in your contacts).

2) Send us your phone number. We prefer cell numbers, as we cannot ensure that you will be the one picking up the call on a home land line, which would lead to some….interesting conversations with your family. Though that may be entertaining, it is best for all if we reach you directly.

Feel free to send your Skype username or phone number to Mesonak if you would like to receive a call. Email him at

Your information will not be saved or used outside of MakutaFest.


This year we’re going big. Like, seriously big: 6 Trans Neon Green Miru, 3 Copper Huna, and a Turaga Vakama set. All of these prizes will be given away based on whoever correctly answers our trivia question first.

The grand prize drawing will be a custom made Legends of Metru Nui Movie-style Vahi LEGO kit, designed by Swert. The drawing will be held at the end of the show.

55 Responses to MakutaFest

  1. Cannot wait for this! We got some cool prizes for you guys!

  2. Nemotar says:

    I am sorry, but I am confused. What is it?

  3. Kraahlix says:

    A live joint-podcast between BS01 and TTV. =)

  4. Elemental Ussal says:

    I am lookin’ forward to this one!

  5. Nemotar says:


  6. Kraahlix says:

    August 1st, 2 PM Pacific!

  7. Toa Blue Lizard says:

    already? sweeet!! i wish i could be on that chat with you guys, but still your podcasts are sweet

  8. Lord Nektann says:

    I’ll be there, just mate have a tutorial for the interface lol. I had sooo many issues last time.

  9. Kraahlix says:

    Already have the section for instructions above. 😉

  10. voxumo says:

    well i’m really excited. This will be my first Makuta Fest. I do have a 2 questions: 1 How long does this ussually last? 2 If my calculations are correct that would mean that Makuta Fest would be taking place at 1 pm alaska time zone? I sure would not want to miss it. Thanks too whoever answers my questions.

    • Elemental Ussal says:

      The last Makuta-fest final recording was 1 hour:42 minutes:54 seconds.
      In the Alaska time zone it would be 8:00 AM if my calculations are correct.

  11. Shadonix says:

    Wait, when’s this again? If it’s after August 14th, I actually can make it.

  12. Toa Blue Lizard says:

    quick question, do you guys still have openings for a pod cast?

  13. Nemotar says:

    CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nemotar says:

    GOOD NEWS: I am doing nothing during MakutaFest tomorrow!
    BAD NEWS: I am unable to give my Skype or Phone Number!
    QUESTION: Even if I am unable to give a number, can I still participate? I wanna be in!
    QUESTION: Free stuff? I love free stuff! Where? When? How?

  15. Kraahlix says:

    @Shadonix: Tomorrow. The countdown is on BS01’s main page now. =)
    @Toa Blue Lizard: What do you mean? As a gust-star for a normal episode? If so, we have a small backlog of upcoming guests. But if you’re interested, you could get in touch. I haven’t seen you around though, are you new?
    @Nemotar: You are still welcome to participate in the live-chat with the rest of the audience! You will have a chance to win some prizes that way.

  16. Toa Blue Lizard says:

    Im not good at editing wiki’s mr. Kraahlix so you dont hear from me, i tried your chat contact thing but i epicly failed, i also tried joining BZP but for some reason they wont let me fully in, i joined just before their apparent recent forum update, and after almost a month i have yet to be given priviledges to post on the forums and even look at them due to the fact aht it told me the forums are still down… so in the end i am unable to talk with those who are as enthusiastic about the bionicle storyline as i am… so you dont hear me talk…. ^^;;;; (sorry for the long post)

  17. Shadonix says:

    Wait, who’s hosting this time? I think last year it was Kraah, Triggy, Kayru, Meso, Var, and Eljay…

  18. Biocrypid21 says:

    SO pumped for today! Good Luck, Guys! =)


  19. Fantasia says:

    I’ve never listened to this before, but it sounds neat.

    Is it basically six hosts interacting with each other and guests who call in?

  20. BionicleEvolution says:

    Hi you guys, do you ship prizes to England lol :L

  21. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    The day’s finally here!!!

  22. Kraahlix says:

    @TBL: Well I’m glad you are able to make it to MF11!
    @Shadonix: The same TTV cast joined by myself, Cholie and Bionicleman. Slight change of plans there. =)
    @Biocryptid21: Thank you! We’re excited too.
    @Fantasia: That’s the basic idea, yep. It’s a joint-podcast doing a live show.
    @BionicleEvolution: Unfortunately, the prizes have to be limited to the USA. Thanks for reminding me to specify that!

    • BionicleEvolution says:

      noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😀 lol oh well i shall be havng a load of fun 2day anyways ps its going to be 10.00 pm in uk i just cant miss my first ever Makuta Fest!

  23. Shadonix says:


  24. Nemotar says:

    ANY HOUR NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ToaTonyia says:

    yeah this is gonna be tight, I missed it last year, so I couldnt listen live.

  26. Kraahlix says:

    @Nemotar: We start at 2 Pacific, keep an eye on the countdown that I just added!
    @ToaTonyia: Glad to have you. =)

  27. Anonymous Toa of Void says:

    Impatience is kicking in

  28. BionicleEvolution says:

    can you guys plz add me on skype! 😀 myname on it is : REMOVED thx 😀

  29. Nemotar says:


  30. CrunchbiteNuva says:

    One more hour!

  31. Nemotar says:


  32. Fantasia says:

    Less than forty minutes now. Will this start exactly on time?

  33. Kraahlix says:

    Should, if everything goes as planned.

  34. Cherixon says:

    How often do you host these? As I forgot it was yesterday.

  35. kanohimetru5995 says:

    I don’t know if you already said it on a podcast and I missed it or something but is MF2012 going to be on August 1st like last year?

  36. FROGGER0 says:

    I can’t wait, anyone know what the trivia questions are?

  37. Voxumo says:

    oh and everyone who is wanting to be called in during the question segment you had better have a freakin SKYPE account because the makutafest crew will not be calling actual phones just SKYPE accounts.

  38. Toa_nuriamer says:

    I can’t wait! 😀

  39. Voxumo says:

    less than half an hour now

  40. kanohimetru5995 says:

    i had technical issues so i didn’t get to stay for all that long but it was still a blast

  41. Biofan11 says:

    Makuta is dead. Why do you keep calling it MakutaFest?

  42. biofan11 says:

    This is going to be EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. Bionicleking1242 (a.k.a. Kopaka1242) says:

    That was truly fun. I really enjoyed the Tuma overload and the phone calls, like mine.

  44. kanohimetru5995 says:

    I think I’m actually gonna be able to make it for the whole thing this year XD

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