It’s A Mail Thing

What’s up guys, this is Kraahlix. It’s been a while – feels great to be putting out a post again. I hope you’ve been enjoying Bionicleman hosting, because I know I have. He does a great job.

I’ve got something to show you guys that I think you will enjoy a lot. Are you ready for this?

It’s a Kal thing T-SHIRT!!!!
Huge thanks goes out to KH for making this and putting it in the mail.
For our new listeners, this is a reference to episode 11.
…Dude that was over two years ago…
And look, she even bolded random letters in the comic bubble:

Check out the back!

This may just be my favorite thing I’ve gotten in the mail. It represents years of memories, an inside joke, and a time that was the peak of the fandom for me.

Keep it cool guys!

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3 Responses to It’s A Mail Thing

  1. Lord Nektann says:

    Coming back to say I totally remember KH making this shirt. Good work KH!

    (Returns to obscurity)

  2. KH says:

    Actually, the original t-shirt was a custom-printed and got ruined in the wash. -.-
    I wound up re-painting it and thought it’d be a cool early birthday present to make for Kraah and another BS01er. 🙂
    (BFN’s a reference to Kraahlix’s original username.)
    *returns to obscurity too*

  3. Vartemp says:

    At least this means I’m not the only one disappearing. =S

    Anyway, great job KH! =)

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