#28: The Revelation


The time has come. The shadows of secrecy have been cleared around a mystery from BIONICLE’s beginning. One question has been answered, yet we now have hundreds more. Join us as we discuss our exclusive revelation from Greg Farshtey, as well as the recently revealed identity of the Great Being.

Also, we discuss Comic 0, so that’s cool.

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3 Responses to #28: The Revelation

  1. kanohimetru5995 says:

    I haven’t finished listening to the episode yet but I must say I was really disappointed that the Great Being was Velika.

  2. Vezon the Dimension-Diver says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. In my humble opinion, this was the. Best. Podcast. Ever. Seriously, I loved the discussion of both Velika and the Red Star, it went so in-depth, and you guys threw up so many theories and analyses and comparisons, it just blew me away. I frankly didn’t care that it was, what, 2 hours long? Yeah, almost. Words cannot describe the superiority of this episode, it’s my favorite, and I’m keeping it downloaded so I can listed to it whenever I like… BTW, you guys crack me up with your random jokes, and the way everybody just sounds like they’re collapsing over their keyboards at once. Even though there’s no real news, that doesn’t mean you should stop it! I mean, I’ll keep listening…

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