MakutaFest 2012 Random Drawing

Hello, fellow MakutaFest-ians…? Yeah, name needs work. Anyway! So we said we’d provide details later as far as our grand prizes go, and here they are.

As you know, we have two grand prizes. You have the opportunity to enter to win both, or for one of them. However, it is worth noting that if you win the first prize, you’re eliminated from winning the second. The first prize we will be giving away will be the silver Kanohi. The second is the mask case.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Basically what we’re getting at is this: We have these. We want you to have them. Enjoy them if you win. A reminder: The silver Kanohi are all in near-mint condition, and the mask case has an optional bonus of having Dan Parker (LEGO Certified Professional) and my own signatures on the back (or front) in silver permanent marker. The winner can request this or deny it. All winners (including the TNGM) will get TbP Group business cards signed by both of us regardless.

All these prizes are courtesy of City Blocks, Tacoma’s LEGO Art Center.

So, to sign up, you must also pledge to join us for MakutaFest. Here is the form:

I, [insert name here], do hereby pledge to attend MakutaFest 2012, and enter for a chance to win [the silver Kanohi / the mask case / both] prizes.

Just post that line (and anything else you want) into a reply to this topic, and then listen in on the 7th. We will only pull your name if you sign up here and if you attend. We will then set up a random drawing. We will announce both winners on MakutaFest itself.

Oh, as for the TNGM? Those will be given away in trivia quizzes. You’ll be able to win one if you answer the trivia questions. If you win a TNGM, you are not cancelled out of the random drawing, though you won’t be able to win a second one 😛

Good luck, and hope to see everyone on the 7th at 7! (or 4, if you’re from the west coast :P)

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