MakutaFest Approaches…

Once again, the BS01 Podcast and the Three Virtues Podcast will host MakutaFest, a live podcasting event where you are part of the fun. Ever wanted to interact with the hosts of these podcasts? Well now’s your chance. You will also be able to chat with other BIONICLE fans during the show, and have the chance to win BIONICLE prizes.

MakutaFest will be held on August 7th at approximately 7 PM Eastern Time. All you need to do is be on this page during the broadcast. Hope to see you there!

Planning on coming? Have an idea for the show? Add your comments below.

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12 Responses to MakutaFest Approaches…

  1. Tristan says:

    First Makuta Fest for me and deffinetly exited, can’t wait I have been a huge fan of Bionicle for awhile so this should be fun.

  2. Nathanael says:

    Do you need 2 have a webcam?

  3. Voxumo says:

    wow i did not realize how close it was to makuta fest.
    I attended last years and that was my first time. i remember because i had given my cellphone number to be called during the show and they did call my number but my phone never recieved the number. so i’m hoping that will not happen again.

  4. tent163phantoka says:

    Can we give phone numbers again? I have my own phone this year.

  5. Mikolaj Dudek says:

    Can’t wait to attend this year! This is gonna be my first Makutafest, but I Have listened to the previous one. Unfortunately I might not make it, but are you guys willing to call to Poland if possible? If I am able to make it, I am sure to join!

    -Toa Jalokim of Bionicle next generation

  6. Mitchell says:

    Maybe one of the prizes will be a movie edition mask of shadows. I know a lot of people will crave for that! Or an original (chrome) GOLDEN Kanohi Hau! If you ask me, the prizes are all in the masks!

  7. me says:

    Oh god, wow, I was a big fan of bionicle, it will be cool.

    P.S.:I’m italian =)

    NOOOOOOOO! 7:00PM pacific time=3AM italian time! D=

    Godd makutafest…

  8. Biofan11 says:

    how do you attend

  9. Toa of Void says:

    This will be an odd time for me.. Hopefully I’ll make it.

  10. Jakura says:

    …is this the right page? I’ve never joined MakutaFest, so I’m not sure…

  11. Liuth says:

    Is it possible that you guys can take a Skype call from Australia?
    I think the show should talk about the rumors concerning bionicle’s rerelease in 2015.
    Why not amp the prizes up to rarer kanohi or just give out more common kanohi for more people?

  12. keiththelegokid says:

    How do you get prizes.

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