#25: The BS01 Podcast Holiday Special


Deck the halls with the BS01 Podcast as we celebrate the holidays, BIONICLE-style. We have a few gifts for the listeners, including the return of guest hosts with the appearance of  MatoroIgnika, a discussion on the one good comic of 2005 (according to Cholie), and the singing talents of a popular BIONICLE character.

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3 Responses to #25: The BS01 Podcast Holiday Special

  1. Vezon the Dimension-Diver says:

    How are there no comments on this episode? I’ve only just started listening to this podcast maybe in Aug or Sept of 2013 from itunes, and I promised myself I wouldn’t leave comments until I was caught up to speed, but this episode!!! First off, Kudos to everybody, I lovelovelove this podcast; words cannot describe its epicness. But the ad at the end of this one took the cake. Seriously, who did it, Spirit? I was listening to it on the road and nearly crashed, I was laughing so hard. I would seriously buy that CD of Makuta Teridax, which leads me to why I came on in the first place… You gave a phone number, but seeing as it’s from 2 years ago, I don’t think it will work now. Is there an actual CD that you made floating around here? Because it’s only a matter of time until I dial 1-800-TERIDAX….. Once again, you guys rock!

  2. Kraahlix says:

    Vezon tDD, thank you for listening! I appreciate your support and I speak for the staff when I say that we’re happy to make these episodes for you.
    Thanks man!

  3. Bionicleman says:

    Thanks for the comment from me as well Vezon tDD. To address your questions, no we did not make a CD, we aren’t that awesome, but yes that was SPIRIT’s doing (though I put the background music in). By now you’ve probably heard the second episode with Teridax’s holiday singing, episode 29, the Haupocalypse, but if not you will also enjoy that.

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