For Hardcore BS01 Podcast Fans


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8 Responses to For Hardcore BS01 Podcast Fans

  1. Princess Cholestia says:

    Best episode ever

  2. Toa of Void says:

    The folder trail was very amusing.

  3. jowm says:

    It was great! The topical discussion was my favorite part! 😛

  4. Kraahlix says:

    What topical discussion? 😉

  5. jowm says:

    huh, for some reason my computer wouldn’t allow me to listen to the mp3 file, that’s annoying.

  6. Kraahlix says:

    Why not?

  7. jowm says:

    I dunno, but I tried it and it works on my itouch, so that’s good enough for me! It was awesome! I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next episode!

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