#24: Tren Kart 64


Join us for another hilarious yet informative look at BIONICLE, featuring new audio transitions between segments! We discuss the comic Shadow Play, death in BIONICLE, Tren Krom, The Dweller Report (with an appearance by SPIRIT), Mario Kart, the Dark Hunters, and…wait a minute? How did Mario Kart get in there?

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4 Responses to #24: Tren Kart 64

  1. Kraahlix says:

    Another fantastic show. Bionicleman’s little touches that he adds in post-recording crack me up, and he does an awesome job. And SPIRIT brought a lot to this episode – I enjoyed the whole thing. =)

  2. Wally Martin says:

    i loved the special effects in this episode. i also literally laughed for 2 minutes after cholie’s Mario impression. also, does BionicleMan play any games on Steam?

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