#23: The MLP Podcast


Don’t worry, despite the title there’s still plenty of BIONICLE discussion in this new episode with a new host. Though some of his co-hosts continually try to hijack the podcast with discussions about non-BIONICLE topics (Star Wars, Zelda, Mario, MLP, …vocabulary), he holds his ground, which results in a podcast worth listening to.

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4 Responses to #23: The MLP Podcast

  1. Princess Cholestia says:

    That was the best comic discussion segment ever. >:D

  2. Kraahlix says:

    The cover-art was amazing. xP Nice show, guys.

  3. Wally Martin says:

    if fluttershy HAD been in the metru nui saga, nobody would get hurt, makuta would be too bashful to attack, and fluttershy would have taken all the thorns out of the visorak’s claws. Yeah, things would have gone smoother 😀

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