MF11 Prizes

Most of the prizes are being sent out soon, but this is a call for Blackout; you won a Copper Huna, I need your address to be emailed to me. Unclaimed prizes will be given away on a future BS01 Podcast episode, but of course we want to send them all out for MakutaFest!

Again, a huge thanks to our sponsor, In I Can Company. Check out their BIONICLE pieces on eBay!

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5 Responses to MF11 Prizes

  1. Koro-Chaos says:

    Sorry to be bothersome, but when are the MF11 Prizes going to be/were Shipped?
    I’m so thankful for your generosity and can wait as long as it takes!


  2. Artakha says:

    So, have the prizes been sent yet?

  3. Kraahlix says:

    I just heard that they will be mailed on Monday or Tuesday. Sorry about the delay, I thought they had been mailed but Ignacis says he’s been looking for a chance!

  4. Koro-Chaos says:

    Just got my Huna! Thanks so much!


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