Thank you for coming!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to look back on MakutaFest earlier today and give everyone a little update.

  • Preparations were awesome, everything went much smoother this year.
  • A huge thanks to The Three Virtues – Mesonak and Eljay are great podcasters. A special thanks to Varderan who we dump most of the work on.
  • Of course, my fellow BS01 hosts were amazing and the show would not have been the same without them.
  • Also, thanks to Shadow Kurahk and John from BZPower, we got another news post on BZP. Much appreciated!
  • We had a great turnout. Our audience was really big, enthusiastic, and participatory. Couldn’t ask for more!
  • The content of MF11 itself was really good, I enjoyed all of our discussions.
  • So many people “called in” (and with limited technical difficulties)! It was great to have so many voices on the air.
  • And everyone was great at trivia.

Check out In a Can Company, an eBay seller who was generous enough to donate our prizes this year! 

  • Personally, this MakutaFest required tons of multi-tasking. From partaking in the show, monitoring (and occasionally posting in) the chat, watching my email for people’s Skype names/phone numbers and putting them into my contacts, adding people to the podcast call, communicating with the other hosts, and more, it was a bit hectic to be honest. But the hardest part of MF11 was letting everyone know that I would be stepping down after the show. I need to finish up a few loose ends, and I will post more about that in the coming days. This isn’t goodbye just yet, MakutaFest left me with a bit of work before I can move on. =)
  • The lucky winners of trans-neon-green Mirus are: SK, Thylon, Artakha, Swert, Danwojo.
  • Copper Hunas will be awarded to Blackout and Koro-Chaos.
  • And Danwojo and Thylon will receive Orange Vahis!

I still need addresses for Swert, Danwojo, and Black-Out. Please get them to me! Shoutout to Ignacis as well, he was very helpful on the prizes front!

That’s about it, guys. I am really pleased with MakutaFest 2011, and I’m really grateful to everyone who played a part in setting it up, putting it on, listening, calling in, everyone.

I’ll be pretty busy the next few days, wrapping things up and making sure Bionicleman has and knows everything he needs to carry the BS01 Podcast on. He will do fantastic, and I’m really excited to see where the show goes from here, along with the rest of the BIONICLE fandom! You’ll hear from me soon.

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  1. Lord Nektann says:

    It was really great and awesome. Thank’s Kraah for one last awesome podcast!

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