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#23: The MLP Podcast


Don’t worry, despite the title there’s still plenty of BIONICLE discussion in this new episode with a new host. Though some of his co-hosts continually try to hijack the podcast with discussions about non-BIONICLE topics (Star Wars, Zelda, Mario, MLP, … Continue reading

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A New Way to Get in Touch

I’m popping my head in the door to let you guys new that I put up another way for you to contact us easily;¬† The new feedback page makes it convenient for you to send feedback, ask a question, or … Continue reading

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MF11 Prizes

Most of the prizes are being sent out soon, but this is a call for Blackout; you won a Copper Huna, I need your address to be emailed to me. Unclaimed prizes will be given away on a future BS01 … Continue reading

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MakutaFest 2011


Last year, we had a great time podcasting live with hosts from the BS01 Podcast and The Three Virtues. We had great audience participation, cool giveaways, and an overload of awesome. This year… we did all that, times ten million. … Continue reading

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Thank you for coming!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to look back on MakutaFest earlier today and give everyone a little update. Preparations¬†were awesome, everything went much smoother this year. A huge thanks to The Three Virtues – Mesonak and Eljay are great podcasters. … Continue reading

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