Q&A Session 7


There is something about this episode that is unlike any ever before it. Am I going to tell you what that is? Hahaha, no. You will find out soon after downloading it.

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4 Responses to Q&A Session 7

  1. Artakha says:

    Regarding what you were saying about Teridax being able to just teleport the Vahi away from Vakama, if you look at the times teleportation is used by Makuta it takes a moment for the object or person to actually leave the spot it’s at, like when Lewa saw Brutaka teleporting he had time to grab on to him. So if Teridax had tried to teleport the mask there was a pretty good chance that Vakama would notice and smash the mask before it had fully teleported. On a side note, why doesn’t BS01 have this on the podcast talk page under last episode?

  2. Kraahlix says:

    We’ve never taken comments on Q&A sessions as far as I know, but now people can comment here on the posts at least.

  3. Lord Nektann says:

    Without Kraahlix wasn’t a weird as I thought. I think without Kraahlix, Dorek, or Kayru, and Cholie I think the podcast would truly be lessened. Those four have the best ‘podcast-y’ voices, but that’s not to say everyone else has bad voices.

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