#22: Destiny Calls


Guest-Star Ignacis joins us as we discuss the conclusion of Sahmad’s Tale, MakutaFest, the 22nd BIONICLE comic, Scott McN– I mean– Onua, and a “new” story called Retribution. Also included are some of the most painful bloopers ever!

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3 Responses to #22: Destiny Calls

  1. Grant-Sud says:

    Awesome you gave it the name I wanted. :3

  2. Chols says:

    loooool I sound terrible in those outtakes.

    Awesome episode :>

  3. Lord Nektann says:

    The Toa Mata were launched immediately, but then they malfunctioned. And the canister builder was rendered insane by Tren Krom, so I think that was after. Onua found his noble Hau after winning a Ussual race, and Whenua gave it to him. This is from the QftT card game, and on Shine’s sandbox.

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