MakutaFest 2011 Approaches

Thanks for stopping by! Did BZPower send you? A big thanks to them for the news story.

As their front page said, MakutaFest 2011 is almost here. I’m not quite sure who gave the news reporter the date and time, because I hadn’t even heard about that! But We are shooting for August, I’m just honestly not sure which day the event will be held.

If you don’t know, MF is a live podcast where the audience gets to interact with the hosts of the Three Virtues and the BS01 Podcast. We have prizes to give away, and we’re looking forward to all the fun that is to be had!

I will definitely keep you posted in the following days as more details are confirmed.

If there’s anything you’d like to see, get in touch. I’ll take ideas into consideration!

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12 Responses to MakutaFest 2011 Approaches

  1. Mesonak says:

    That’s the same date that MF was held last year, and seeing as it’s annual, it stands to reason the date’s the same.

    Eagerly anticipating it, and we at TTV will keep you posted as well.

  2. Kraahlix says:

    Well, that’s fine in theory unless I work on that day or something. =P

  3. Lord Nektann says:

    Should be awesome guys. Hope you get the set-up fixed as last time I couldn’t hear the stream and wasn’t able to get my username right on the chatbox. It kept being a changing thing of numbers.

  4. Tyler Durden says:

    I’ll probably make a repeat appearance…inside the chatbox with the rest of the non-podcasters. 😛


  5. tent163phantoka says:

    If only BZP were back online. I’ll be waiting!

  6. makuta1000 says:

    good message me the details and am i the only person who knows about the new bionicle movie coming out soon biocraft: chronicles the minecraft movie?

  7. Proto says:

    I’d probably be with Spawnie 😛
    Or on the ACTUAL podcast…

  8. Biocrypid21 says:

    WOO! Can’t wait! I hope it’ll be just as good or better than last year. ^_^ See ya’ll there!


  9. Uargaroth says:

    With MakutaFest will come The Destroyer of Podcasts. I’m going to be back for number two!

  10. Toa Nui says:

    I am new to the Podcasts and am wondering how an audience member like me could participate with you guys during the Makutafest???

  11. Kraahlix says:

    We use online streaming, kind of like watching a video. Thanks for checking the show out!

  12. Ryan Braun says:

    I am not famiriiar with MakutaFest because I wasn’t here last year. 😛

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