Victory Day

A little something cool about this site is that I can give you guys updates like this.

So for my first post, I’d like to inform you on a recent milestone. We have now provided you, our listeners, with over 24 hours of podcasts. In theory, you could listen to us for a solid day now.

So get back to me on that. Later!

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9 Responses to Victory Day

  1. Koro-Chaos says:

    I’m happy that you finally got your own site! It looks extraordinary!
    I just looked and actually you could spend 1 day 4 hours 34 minutes and 44 seconds listening to you people, technically speaking! The more the merrier!


  2. Lord Nektann says:

    Great job on the website Kraah!

  3. Can I PLEASE appear on a podcast sometime soon?!? As a broadcasting major, this would be great experience for me to add to my resume and I feel like I would have a lot of good insight for the podcast. Also, my expertise in broadcasting is video editing, so I would love to see if I could somehow turn the podcast a video podcast. That way, we could flip back and forth between the people talking and even show various pictures about what the people talking about. To top it all off, we could post them to a YouTube page (where we could also upload all of the videos for the sites for easy access for the members.) Let me know what you think about all this ASAP and we will chat then. My Skype name is TylerBrach and I can even give you guys my cellphone number via email.
    Walk safely in the light,
    Ta-Toa Ignacis

  4. Nemotar says:

    I have been on BS01 for a while, and now I finally get to post on SOMETHING!!!
    I might be called a dork, for I read everything on the site I can, often re-reading lots of things for the sake of it.I also enjoy the external links… to get even weirder, I am a FAN of two users:
    Swert (his userpage is AWESOME!)…
    I am a moron.

    • You sound like a cool dude Nemotar! I have a big passion for Bionicle and the Wiki as well. If it makes you feel any better, I’m 19 and still love this stuff! I am even trying to complete my Bionicle collection by purchasing sets on (an online auction sites that I am not allowed to name specifically) with the left over money from my job. Don’t ever be embarrassed by your passions and I agree, Kraahlix and Swert are pretty cool dude!

  5. Nemotar says:

    How do you appear on a podcast? You need to be a staff member? Right?

  6. Nemotar says:

    Can I become a USMWJTUS (Useless staff member who just takes up space)?

  7. Lord Nektann says:

    I dare someone to actually listen to BS01 podcast all day XP. Anyway, that’s really cool guys, and BS01 is the only podcast I really listen to on a regular basis.

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