#21: BS01podcast.com


A new BIONICLE Web site?! No way… Yes way! Comic 21 may just be the most filler comic ever, but it’s got a good title. And we get to see Vakama as a fortune cookie. Our Topical Discussion is on the newest addition to the canon, and by popular demand we spotlight a character who lives the life, man. Enjoy the show.

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3 Responses to #21: BS01podcast.com

  1. Wally Martin says:

    vakama looks fat in this comic. mask and all.

  2. makuta1000 says:

    this is my favourite episode yet it was about one of my favs makuta but it was too long 1 hour max not 1 and a 1/2. the comic review was bad it was just a rant

  3. Lord Nektann says:

    The League of Six Kingdoms was a sort of grouped formed by Mata Nui to preserve order or something. But then they got very power-hungry and something. Miserix is special in a way, as his armor wasn’t modified by the Nynrah Ghosts when he evolved to Antidermis. Gorast and Icarax killed off any dissenters after the overthrow of Miserix by Teridax. Also the Ultimate Dume is sorta non-canon ish, because the 04 form is kinda the 03 one with wings, as in Time Trap Greg explained the lack of wings as they were disintegrated by the Shadowed One. Also, the Toa Canisters didn’t float over, they were called accidentally by Takua re-uniting the Toa Stones on the Kini-Nuiin the Game Boy game in 01.

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