#19: Amnesia Much?


We cover BIONICLE’s presence at Lego Land currently, the new Powers That Be chapter, BS01’s expansion to HEROsector01, comic 19, Takanuva, and we finally get around to… mentioning… Hero Factory. What has the BS01 Podcast come to?

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  1. Lord Nektann says:

    Re-listening to this, I remembered the discussion about the ‘door of evil’. The gateway to Metru Nui and the scene right after that is one of the longest standing plot holes in all of Bionicle. The door crushes Takutanuva, reversing the effect of the Energized Protodermis and crushing Teridax’s armor. And, miraculously, the Mask of Light is unharmed :O. Then there’s the weird lights, and the light shines upon the Avohkii and suddenly Takanuva is okay. He then shows Metru Nui. Now, next we know, in Comic 15, they’re on Mata Nui…but how did they get there? Wasn’t the door, presumably the sole way to Metru Nui crushed? Aren’t they locked out on a balcony above the Silver Sea? I guess not, and I guess that there’s a cool river boat passage down to Metru Nui. We still don’t understand it.

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